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Jared Padalecki-By-Me   … 19th was his birthday! however I finished the day  21-07-2014 …. hope you enjoy it!

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Misha collins By - Ruan Silver

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Jensen ackles - By Ruan Silver! 

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black cats are lucky

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Jeff Small

beautiful Djheniffer 

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He gave the cup to a german fan this is truly the beautiful game

is a beautiful moment for Germany and most beautiful is the respect of these guys! Congratulations to German team !

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Turns out that the Brazilian fan who became famous overnight for the photo on the left later gave his world cup trophy (accompanied by a classy smile) to a German fan.

Argentina x Germany 

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funny moments

Spencer Sotelo-  from Periphery


Maks Juravlev


CH House, Monterrey, Mexico by GLR Arquitectos.

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